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Wow Makeup Styles Newsletter, Issue #002 -- Ways to fix up messy makeup
August 28, 2017

Ways To Fix Up Messy Makeup Mishaps


When your foundation looks cakey

To have the best #flawless-looking foundation is when you make it look like your own skin.

Before Applying on Foundation Makeup you will want to moisturize (even if you have oily skin) very important!

Start by applying a sheer layer amount of your foundation on your t-zone which is made up of the forehead, nose and chin which would be the center of your face. Apply the foundation with a damp beauty blender over the skin.

Then work your way to applying the foundation where you really need to use the most.

Clown-like Cheeks

You don't want to put on too much blush that makes you look like a clown. To avoid this wear blush colors that flatters your skin tone.

For example, fair skin works best with beige or pink blushes. Medium skin works well with yellow undertones. Olive skin works best with warmer tones. Darker skin tone works best with plumbs or bronzes. More tips on how to apply on blush/ Emphasize Cheekbones

Getting lipstick on your teeth

Getting makeup on your teeth can be quite embarrassing especially when your conversing with someone and the first thing that a person notice on you are your teeth! So,to make sure that it won't happen is by applying the lip color on your lips and then putting your finger in your mouth then pull your finger out of your mouth.

Keep your face from looking oily

Apply a primer that eliminates the shine. But first remember to moisturize your face first. If you still see that your face is still oily use some blotting papers to blot your face. Then use a Foundation that is oil free.

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